Rough Terrain Forklifts

New Rough Terrain Forklift For Sale In May 2013

One of the largest independent forklift dealers in the country, ForkForce, recently announced that it will begin distributing new 2.5T and 3.5T compact rough terrain forklifts by Maximal around mid 2013.

ForkForce noted that the prices of European-manufactured rough terrain forklifts currently in the market are too expensive for most users. So ForkForce made a proposal to one of the largest Chinese forklift manufacturers, Maximal, to come up with a more affordable rough terrain forklift that could withstand rugged environments at a price that was attractive to customers.

ForkForce director Adrian Martin said “we’ve identified the market for this and shown them the price points of some of the competitors’ machines. We’re happy that Maximal has responded to our request to build a compact rough terrain forklift range that’s more affordable.”

Martin further stated that there are customers who don’t necessarily need immense lift heights but are just looking for a very basic and rugged forklift with large wheels, a reliable diesel engine and good ground clearance. ForkForce is looking to fill this gap with the launching of this new model.

The compact rough terrain forklift range will be built following the release of the Maximal A series forklifts in the early part of 2013. Apart from a new mast and overhead guard design, an upgraded Maximal A series chassis will be used on these rough terrain machines. Production will initially be for 2.5 ton and 3.5 ton rough terrain forklift which will aim to be priced at less than AU$40,000 for brand new units and will also be part of ForkForce’s forklift hire fleet.