3 Factors to Consider in Rough Terrain Forklift Rental

rough terrain forklift

There are several factors that come into play when determining whether to buy or rent a rough terrain forklift. For businesses in need of these specialised equipment, here are three of the most pertinent considerations when looking for an off road forklift for hire.



1. Application and Cost to Maintain


It is important to consider where the equipment will be used and how often it will need maintenance.

Forklifts that are used outside will need to be regularly washed and stored in an outdoor location. They also require cleaning, fueling, regular oil changes and other preventative maintenance. If the forklift is kept inside, it may only need minor maintenance every few months.


2. Frequency of Use


Another consideration for renting or buying is how long the forklift will be needed. If a company is going to use the forklift on a job site that only lasts a few months or for a special project, it may be more beneficial to hire or rent. On the other hand, if the forklift is intended to stay at one location and work daily, it may be better to buy.


3. Location and Operator Capability


In addition, some forklifts may require additional training on its operation based on where they are located. For example, if the forklift is used in different geographical areas, it may need local training so that personnel know how to operate it properly around steep hills or roads.

For companies with very specific needs regarding their equipment, they should consider renting for long-term projects and buying when there is a need for several forklifts. Forklift rentals give companies the ability to determine what kind of equipment they will need and whether or not it is best to buy or rent.


Why Businesses Choose Rental Forklifts Over Buying


There are many different reasons that companies choose not to buy forklifts but instead opt for renting them. These include:


Money is a concern, as forklifts can be expensive and may not be necessary for the job site. Many companies do not want to spend a large sum on equipment they will only use for a limited amount of time and that is why they rent or hire instead of buying them.

• Capital is a common factor, as there are many cases where businesses have capital tied up in equipment that they have purchased. If a business is already paying off heavy equipment to operate, it may not be cost-effective to also buy forklifts. It would be better for them to hire or rent when needed because the company only needs the forklift temporarily.

• Reliability is a major factor for many companies in choosing rentals, especially those that have reliable forklift suppliers. This can save time because they know that the equipment will be ready to use when they need it, rather than sending it off for maintenance or repairs before being able to use it.

• Flexibility works the same way as reliability, as forklifts are often rented according to how much a company needs them and for how long. For example, a company may only need the forklift for several months and can afford to hire or rent it at a higher cost than they would if they needed the forklift longer.

• Specialised needs are another reason to rent a rough terrain forklift. Some businesses may need specialised equipment that is not necessary for their daily operations. For example, a landscaping contractor’s primary concern will be moving supplies such as rocks and soil, but what if they need to transport a small piece of equipment such as an air compressor?


This is where forklifts come in. These machines are extremely versatile and because of this, it could be beneficial to hire a company for forklift rentals because they have the ability to move a wide range of materials.


Key Takeaways: Rough Terrain Forklift Rental


Forklifts can be expensive, especially rough terrain forklifts. Because of this, many businesses opt to hire or rent these machines instead of buying them. This is beneficial because they will only use the forklift when they need it and for how long they need it, rather than making a large purchase.


Another reason to go with a rough terrain forklift rental is if the company already has capital tied up in heavy equipment such as wheel loaders or telehandlers. If money is already tied up in another piece of equipment, it may be more beneficial to rent in case they need the forklift for just a short amount of time.


Rough terrain forklifts can also be necessary if a business wants to expand its operations and add on new services or products that require additional materials and tools such as construction or landscaping projects. One instance would be if a business owner needs the forklift to move supplies for road building, which is part of their daily operations.


If you’re unsure whether to buy or rent a rough terrain forklift for your business, carefully take these considerations into account and weigh your options.

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