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Rough Terrain Forklifts Australia has partnered with Fork Force Australia to help provide you with a quality source of rough terrain forklifts (also known as all terrain forklifts).

We also hope to provide you with more information about rough terrain forklifts and how they can add value to your business. Please feel free to take the time to browse through the rough terrain forklift articles that have been posted on the site. We hope that the help you find what you are looking for.

Used Rough Terrain Forklifts For Sale

We sell over 10,000 new and used forklifts a year, and have a forklift hire fleet of over 3000. We specialise in providing rough terrain forklifts for sale.

You can call Rough Terrain Forklifts now on 1800 957 456 to speak with a rough terrain forklift specialist who can assist you with a customised forklift solution. They also have a number of financing options including Rent-to-Own forklift financing as well as their Hire-Try-Buy option also available.


New Enforcer 1.8 Ton – 5 Ton Rough Terrain Forklifts

The Enforcer Rough Terrain Forklift range offers cost-effective options for moving and transporting heavy loads across rough, sloping or uneven terrain. The range features superb traction, good ground clearance and a powerful and dependable Japanese Yanmar diesel engine.

  • Brand : Enforcer
  • Fuel Type : Diesel
  • Availability : 1.8 – 5 Tonne
  • Type : Rough Terrain Forklifts
  • Transmission : 2WD

From Only $165 + GST p/w (LIMITED TIME ONLY)


New Enforcer 2.5Ton – 5 Ton 4WD Rough Terrain Forklifts

Enforcer Rough Terrain Forklifts combine the latest technology and ergonomics to provide optimum productivity and total reliability for demanding material handling jobs.

  • Brand : Enforcer
  • Fuel Type : Diesel
  • Availability : 2.5 – 5 Tonne
  • Type : Rough Terrain Forklifts
  • Transmission : 4WD

From Only $189 + GST p/w (LIMITED TIME ONLY)



  • All Workshop Serviced
  • All Safety Checked
  • All Ready To Be Delivered

Lithium Powered Rough Terrain Forklift

Introducing the all-new, revolutionary Enforcer Lithium Powered Rough Terrain Forklift. Eco-friendly with the power of any IC engine forklift in its class adapted to work in any rough terrain application.

  • 14% Tighter Turning Radius*
  • 15% Higher Ground Clearance*
  • Low Profile & Compact Design*
  • Perfectly Suited Confined & Enclosed
    Indoor/Outdoor Spaces

From Only $268 + GST p/w


*In comparison to our equivalent diesel model.

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NEW Enforcer FLDAXH30 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift

Discover the NEW Enforcer FLDAXH30 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift, built to excel in the most demanding conditions. Featuring a 3000 kg lift capacity and a 4.1-meter lift height, this forklift is perfect for tackling various challenging tasks.

With its 4-wheel drive, the FLDAXH30 confidently traverses rough surfaces, while the diesel engine provides consistent power. The 3-stage mast and user-friendly design focus on operator safety, comfort, and efficiency. Equip your business with the Enforcer FLDAXH30 4WD Rough Terrain Forklift for a combination of power, adaptability, and resilience that ensures success in any material handling operation.

  • Brand : Enforcer
  • Model : FLDAXH30
  • Type : Rough Terrain
  • Lift Capacity : 3000kg
  • Lift Height : 4.1m
  • Fuel Type : Diesel
  • Mast Type : 3 Stage

From Only $418 + GST p/w (LIMITED TIME ONLY)


Rough Terrain Telehandler

NEW Enforcer THDBXH40 4WD Telehandler

Introducing the NEW Enforcer THDBXH40 4WD Telehandler, a powerful and versatile solution for all your material handling needs.

Engineered to handle heavy loads, this telehandler offers a lift capacity of 4000 kg and an impressive lift height of 17 meters. With its 4-wheel drive and 3-stage mast, it is designed to effortlessly navigate through rough and uneven terrain, ensuring safe and efficient operations across various applications.

Experience the perfect combination of performance, versatility, and durability with the Enforcer THDBXH40 4WD Telehandler – your ultimate solution for tackling the toughest material handling challenges.


  • Brand : Enforcer
  • Model : THDBXH40
  • Type : Telehandlers
  • Lift Capacity : 4000kg
  • Lift Height : 17m
  • Fuel Type : Diesel
  • Mast Type : 3 Stage

From Only $447 + GST p/w (LIMITED TIME ONLY)



With a payload of 2000 kg and a height of 4.2 metres, the AUSA T204H Telehandler is the most compact and advanced telescopic handler of its class. It is a highly versatile machine that can easily adapt to any terrain thanks to its 4×4 drive and the three steering modes: front-wheel, all-wheel and crab mode. A perfect combination that makes machine movements and approaches easier, especially on terrains with little room for manoeuvre.

  • Brand : AUSA
  • Model : T204H
  • Type : Telehandlers
  • Lift Capacity : 2000kg
  • Lift Height : 4.2m
  • Fuel Type : Diesel
  • Mast Type : Various Available
AUSA Telehandler T204H
AUSA Telehandler T144H


AUSA T144H Telehandler is the ultra-compact telehandler that allows you to tackle the difficult projects with ease.

The T144H Telehandler is the best solution for:

  • handling and transporting materials in small spaces
    especially on steep limited access terrain, thanks to its maneuverability.
  • with its hydraulic functions and quick connect couplings for accessories and implements, you will be able to increase its possibilities and applications exponentially.
  • exceptionally designed cab provides operator with a spacious and functional cab.
  • the design of the cab and the placement of the boom give the operator a 360° view, making the work environment safe for all involved.
  • Brand : AUSA
  • Model : T144H
  • Type :Telehandlers
  • Lift Capacity : 1350kg
  • Lift Height : 4m
  • Fuel Type : Diesel
  • Mast Type : Telescopic Boom