Rough Terrain Forklifts For Sale At Fork Force

rough terrain forklift for sale

Does Fork Force sell both new and used rough terrain forklifts?

Yes, Fork Force stocks an extensive range of used equipment including rough terrain forklifts. For new rough terrain forklifts the sales team will source you the best deal available.

New forklift stock is constantly arriving and Fork Force would also be happy to source any requirement beyond their existing range of used forklifts

All new and used forklifts are backed by a Fork Force warranty and can be fully serviced by our team of specialised mechanics.

What range of rough terrain forklifts does Fork Force stock?

The most common brands of rough terrain forklifts that Fork Force hold in stock are Manitou and Moffet.

Manitou is known for its high performance, stability and versatility when it comes to the most intense applications. The Moffet truck is widely used within the agriculture and building industry with the added benefit of being a truck mounted forklift. (TMF) The most outstanding benefit of the Moffet forklift is the instant access for loading and unloading a truck.

When buying a rough terrain forklift for sale what should you look for?

The following features should be compared when looking for a rough terrain forklift

  • What weight capacity do you need to lift?
  • What height will you need to lift to?
  • Powerful engine
  • Rough terrain tyres
  • Do you require 4WD steering?
  • Diesel or gas engine
  • Will you be carrying long loads?

Are new or used rough terrain forklifts for sale better value and why?

This question is dependent on individual needs such as how many hours per week will the forklift be used and what is your budget.

Have you considered Hire Try Buy? All the flexibility of hiring with an option to buy at a fixed price less large hire cost rebate.