Indoor vs Outdoor Forklifts

Outdoor rough terrain forkliftFor those interested in forklift rentals, it is important to understand that there are many types of forklifts. Two main categories of forklifts are indoor forklifts and outdoor forklifts. Understanding the differences between indoor and outdoor forklifts will ensure that the correct type of forklift is chosen when selecting a forklift from a forklift rentals company.

Indoor forklifts are electric forklifts. This means that they do not use gasoline or propane, and are instead reliant on batteries. This makes them suitable for indoor use, since they don’t give off fumes like gas-powered forklifts do. Indoor forklifts are perhaps the most popular type of forklift, since the majority of forklifts are used inside in places such as warehouses. As such, these can easily be hired from any good forklift rentals company.

Outdoor forklifts run on fuel, such as gasoline, diesel, and even natural gas. Outdoor forklifts are built to handle rugged terrain, and with internal combustion engines, are more powerful and durable than indoor forklifts. Outdoor forklifts are bulkier than indoor forklifts, with thick tires built specifically for outdoor surfaces. This type of forklift is readily available from good forklift rentals companies.

It is important for people and businesses interested in forklift rentals to take note of the differences between indoor and outdoor forklifts. Hiring forklifts can be a confusing thing the first time, but understanding the types of forklifts available and the type of forklift one needs will make forklift rentals a breeze.