A Close Look at Rough Terrain Forklift

Compact rough terrain forklift

What is a rough terrain forklift?

Rough terrain Forklifts (or all terrain forklifts) were developed to perform on rough surfaces, not unlike a four wheeled drive vehicle. There are 3 types of rough terrain forklifts, 2 or 4 wheeled drive units and telescopic handlers or telehandlers.

What advantages do they offer over an industrial forklift?

The most obvious feature of a rough terrain forklifts is the large pneumatic deep tread tyres, they’re a workhorse on unpaved, uneven surfaces.

The telescopic boom of a telehandler allows a much higher and longer reach to the industrial forklift. This type of unit is called a telescopic handler or telehandler. The reach is also an advantage with attachments such as buckets, grabs, platform or of course standard forks.

What sort of businesses commonly buy rough terrain forklifts?

Rough terrain forklifts are ideal for

  • Construction sites
  • Timber yards
  • Agricultural businesses such as nurseries and farms
  • Mines
  • Military

What customisations can they come with?

  • A number of attachments are available as mentioned above
  • Forklift features such as side shift
  • Air conditioned cabins
  • The latest in technology such as swipe card access, navigation systems, speed limiters and cameras
  • Spotlights for night work or low light areas
  • Some will even have a radio or cd player in the cabin

What tonne and lift range do rough terrain forklifts come in?

Like industrial forklifts, rough terrain forklifts can range in lift capacity from 2.5 tonne upwards and range in lift height from 5 metres to 17 metres high.

What areas of Australia does Rough Terrain Forklifts deliver rough terrain forklifts?

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